Handmade Terracotta Tiles from Parkside

Exclusively available in the UK from Parkside Architectural Tiles, Sugaroni is the authentic handmade terracotta tile for specialist restoration and exclusive interiors. Sugaroni has been handmaking terracotta tiles since 1685 with a list of projects that includes renaissance buildings and... View Article

3D printing presents multi industry opportunities

The recent broadening in knowledge and understanding about 3D printing and additive manufacture have generated new business ideas and opportunities ranging from home hobby machines to printing buildings on other planets. Andrew Watts, CEO of international Building Engineers Newtecnic, reveals... View Article

World-first 3D printed store opens in London

Technology company AI BUILD and sustainable luxury fashion brand BOTTLETOP have launched a ground-breaking partnership, focusing on the use of advanced 3D printing technology as a means of achieving environmentally responsible construction. The first project of the partnership is challenging the retail space construction... View Article

Nature: 3D-Printing of Glass Now Possible

New Procedure Allows Complex Forms of Glass to Be Made by 3D-Printing Three-dimensional printing allows extremely small and complex structures to be made even in small series. A method developed at the KIT for the first time allows also glass... View Article

BSRIA launches 3D printing at a glance guide

BSRIA has launched a 3D Printing Guide to answer the how?, what?, and why? and highlight the benefits especially its accuracy and speed. Launched this week, the At a Glance Guide offers quick facts and key issues on a myriad... View Article

3D printing shows its metal

Research into 3D printing using metal has produced the world’s first complex steel components and plans to print an entire steel bridge in mid air using automated robots. Stephen Cousins reports. The large scale application of 3D printing, or additive... View Article