An artist’s vision is brought to life

Humanistiska Teatern, Uppsala University
University campus auditorium, Sweden
Architects: White Arkitekter
Artist: Ann Lislegaard

Unlike traditional lecture halls, the horseshoe-shaped design of this innovative and unique building allows all in the auditorium to see and hear each other, encouraging both speakers and attendees to participate in lectures and debates.This unusual building is encapsulated in a spectacular facade created from over 300 perforated aluminium sheets. The vision of artist Ann Lislegaard has been brought to life by using RMIG ImagePerf technology to transfer her intricate design to the metal sheets.

Technical characteristics

  • Raw material: Aluminium EN AW-5754
  • Pattern: RMIG ImagePerf
  • Thickness: 3.0 mm
  • Finishing operations: Bending
  • Surface treatment: Powder coating

White Arkitekter has been awarded the prestigious Swedish architectural prize PLÅT18, in recognition of the innovative use of perforated metal. this parenthesis with the @ sign)