Automatic dynamic balancing with the Dynamical® Presettable TRV

  • Pressure-independent adjustment
  • Different functions in one single component
  • Up to 22% energy saving

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How can efficient TRVs help homeowners reduce rising energy costs?

Ofgem have revealed that energy bills have been on the rise as a result of global prices for fossil fuels, especially gas, increasing at an unprecedented rate. With the increase in price said to be coming into effect as of the 1st October 2021, with an estimated 15 million households* being impacted, how can homeowners attempt to keep their energy costs down?… Click to read more

What is Dynamic Balancing?

Ed Morris, Technical Manager at Altecnic, takes a look at dynamic balancing and how the Dynamical® valve can help the installer during their installs… Click to watch

It’s Just a Balancing Act

Hydronic heating systems have the potential to deliver a precise rate of heating when and where it’s needed within a building. The key word in the previous sentence is potential. Without proper design, and proper balancing, that potential seldom becomes reality… Click to read more

The Benefits of Using Thermal Balancing TRVs on Heat Pump Installations

Any system that has a heat pump as its energy source would benefit from installing an automatic dynamic balancing valve. By accurately managing the flow rates throughout the heating circuit using a flow settable, pressure independent, thermostatic radiator valve (TRV)… Click to read more

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