Big Foot Systems modernises rooftop support

Big Foot Systems has supplied bespoke support solutions for rooftop plant as part of a full rooftop refurbishment of a University building.

The company provided a non-penetrative, prefabricated rooftop support system that is simple, safe and secure as well as being a quick, versatile and economical solution for supporting plant.

The University’s 3500m² roof was suffering from age-related degradation, with ingress and loss of thermal efficiency. The whole area needed to be reroofed and the mechanical services, from small AHUs and AC equipment to fans and ductwork, replaced. The existing plant was supported by concrete slabs on the roof, which were both heavy and unsuitable for modern roofs, since slabs can easily tear the roof membranes and so cause leaks.

Big Foot Systems was therefore approached to provide a bespoke solution that would support all the plant, whilst being lightweight and non-penetrative. Since fume cupboard extracts were part of the M&E installation another consideration was selecting a support solution which offered stability without requiring rooftop wind protection which would hamper extraction. Offering great stability, Big Foot’s supports ticked all the boxes.

Following detailed site surveys, a quotation and design proposal was issued by Big Foot Systems for consideration which included a vertical support and oversized frames to accommodate the fume cupboard fans. After a few minor amendments the scheme was approved and product was supplied to site within a matter of days.

“It was vital that the new supports were both lightweight and non-penetrative – it wasn’t feasible or correct to reinstate the concrete slabs,” explains Joe Rose, Technical Marketing Manager at Big Foot Systems. “With this in mind, Big Foot Systems was really the only suitable route the contractors could have gone down. We provided both site support and technical input and the job went very smoothly.”

Big Foot Systems’ bespoke supports facilitated the rationalisation of the roof-mounted plant and equipment and future proofed the set-up as the plant is now easier to maintain and the supports are adaptable and can be added to in the future.

Offering specifiers a comprehensive range of freestanding systems, Big Foot’s products are designed and manufactured by the company for a wide variety of applications, including HVAC, solar units and safe access equipment. The product portfolio provides complete, simple, safe and secure non-penetrative, prefabricated roof support systems negating a need for time consuming and costly penetrations through the roof.

Big Foot Systems’ products and systems are quick and easy to install ensuring project cost and time clarity, thus reducing the need for complex, time-consuming and expensive detailing. Offering improved roof aesthetics, Big Foot Systems provides engineered solutions that are innovative in design, robust and repeatable. Big Foot combines market leading products and services, which include system design and on-site support.

Available to install in all weathers utilising familiar componentry, all systems are designed with safety, security and simplicity in mind. Finally Big Foot Systems offers short manufacture and delivery lead times to help a project meet its schedule and stay within budget.

For further information on all products and services offered by Big Foot Systems email: enquiry(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or telephone 01323 844355.