BSRIA calls on members & industry to support interim report of Dame Judith Hackitt’s Review of Building Regulations & Fire Safety – Grenfell

In response to today’s Interim Report of the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety, Julia Evans, BSRIA Chief Executive, said:

“BSRIA gives full and unqualified support to this interim report and sees this the time to make recommendations as a catalyst for change and a change in culture.

The work of the review to date has found that the current regulatory system for ensuring fire safety in high-rise and complex buildings is not fit for purpose. This applies throughout the life cycle of a building, both during construction and occupation and is a problem connected both to the culture of the construction industry and the effectiveness of the regulators.

Indeed – this interim report provides the findings to date and direction of travel for the review, ahead of a final report expected to be submitted in spring 2018 and BSRIA notes that government is keen to continue to engage with all stakeholders.

BSRIA has been working closely with such stakeholders – especially the CIC (Construction Industry Council) – and creating further work to scrutinise the culture change necessary and the recommendations crucial for behavioural change and is supporting its work on: skills, procurement, planning and building regulations, design and specification, on site and management in use.

BSRIA calls on its members and industry to remain as one to back the next phase of this critical work.”

  • The summary of findings covered:         regulation and guidance, roles and responsibilities and competence.