Build to the Future Homes Standard performance with JUWO Evolved SmartWall™

The Future Homes Standard will come into effect in 2025, with the aim of ensuring that brand new homes have high energy efficiency and low-carbon heating systems. The impact of the new standard will be felt in 2022, when the UK Government will make updates to the current Building Regulations such that new builds  and new extensions or upgrades produce 31% less  carbon emissions compared to current standards.  

JUWO Evolved SmartWallTM is the smarter choice for building to the new future homes  standard… JUWO Evolved SmartWall™ is a Monolithic clay block building system for External Wall  Construction that’s easy to build with, reduces construction time, has excellent thermal insulation  qualities, requires no cavities, no additional insulation and no wall ties – to meet current and new  Future Home standards. The system offers a full array of block types and sizes to meet any thermal  requirement from 0.28 U Value through to 0.11 U value, all in a single block.  

A house built of JUWO Evolved SmartWall™ blocks provides a sustainable,  comfortable living environment, using the benefits of Thermal Mass. The JUWO Evolved  SmartWall™ system is also completely firesafe, making it ideal for low, and high, rise developments &  it’s ease of use is ideal for the self-builder.