Cliff-top location is no barrier to successful design with CRL’s TAPER-LOC®

When metalwork fabricators Ace General Engineering were awarded the contract to install structural glass balustrade at a new residential development on the cliffs of Cornwall, the expertise of the CRL’s TAPER-LOC® system was called into action.

Comprising of 36 apartments and nine houses in a cliff-top location in Newquay, the Acorn Blue development offers stunning views of the Cornish coast, with the high specification properties boasting balconies to take advantage of Cornwall’s temperate climate and to enjoy the stunning sunsets over the Atlantic.

All good in theory, but the practicalities of completing the structural work required specialised engineering, as due to its location the entire front elevation of the property had to be installed without any scaffolding.

The team at Ace General Engineering used the TAPER-LOC® system from CRL for the secure and efficient installation of the structural glass balustrades. Reducing installation time of glass railings and balustrades by up to half compared to alternatives methods, the TAPER-LOC® system is suitable for 12mm to 25.52mm toughened/toughened laminated glass making it a versatile option. Meeting BS 6180:2011, AbP and ICC-ES requirements, TAPER-LOC® has a unique design that uses precision tension to secure the glass in the aluminium base shoe without the use of cement. Using CRL’s exclusive TLK12 installation and removal tool, the Tapers simply slide horizontally in the base shoe before being compressed, where it expands and locks into place. The same Tool can be used to loosen the Tapers for glass alignment or replacement, enabling scratched or broken glass to be easily replaced.

David Stephens, Managing Director of Ace General Engineering explains,

“The Taper-Loc system was a perfect fit for the project. The site team used a harness system provided by the client which enabled lateral movement along the balcony. The Taper-Loc® channel was resin anchor fixed to the reinforced concrete balcony structure, with the glass locked into place using the Tapers. The entire installation was carried out from the inside of the balcony, without any scaffolding. This was possible due to the fact that the Taper-Loc® system is always installed from the safe side.”

“The glass installation using this system was a very quick and easy process, which was all completed from the one side of the balustrade,” Stephens continues. “The TAPER-LOC® system saved a huge amount of time compared to wet glazing or wedging. Speed of installation was just one of the benefits of specifying this system though. The structural integrity of the base channel was also extremely important, as it is designed to withstand significant wind loads, which is vital in this location.”

“We were also given great technical support by CRL, which certainly played its part in the overall success of the project.”

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