Delta Amphibia – hydro-reactive, self-healing, self-sealing, multi-layer membrane system

Below ground waterproofing products, such as Delta Amphibia are a smart solution to ensure your basements are kept dry and safe. Delta Amphibia is a fully flexible and fully bonded pre-applied waterproofing membrane with self-repairing, self-sealing and self-fastening capabilities.

Delta Amphibia utilises a quad-layered system which comprises of Tight Barrier (fully watertight layer), Core (super-expanding safety layer, self-sealing and self-healing), Active Barrier (Hydro-reactive layer, expansion-controlled, for self-sealing overlaps) and Bond (Non-woven geotextile self-fastening to concrete).

Whether a structure is under continuous or intermittent hydrostatic pressure, Delta Amphibia is a reliable barrier against water. Combining Delta Amphibia’s Core and Active Barrier this membrane reduces risks in pre and post applied waterproofing.

Delta Amphibia is extremely durable, engineered to protect the concrete structure, itself, against water ingress. From residential to commercial, Delta Amphibia is an ideal solution for the protection of underground structures.

When installed, Delta Amphibia can be applied in both horizontal or vertical applications and is suitable for all ground floor and below ground construction including lift pits, raft foundations, open basement excavation, sealing on internal formworks, construction joints, sheet piles, micropiles and service penetrations.

Delta Amphibia is manufactured to the highest quality and backed by independent test certificates.

Delta’s Managing Director Kevin Dodds said “We are extremely proud to be launching Delta Amphibia, whilst the COVID-19 pandemic saw Delta reimagine nearly every facet of our operations, it also accelerated our product development. In our experience helping customers and clients to solutions which stand out for their substantial benefits, as well as for their ease of application is at our core. With updates to BS8102:2022, Delta Amphibia is sure to be a popular choice with specifiers and installers.”

David J Symes concluded “In an ever-changing built environment, it’s vital for manufacturers to continue investment in product innovations which will allow us to continue our ambitious growth journey and support our mission to provide permanent solutions to age old problems.”

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