Draks and Laings Duo – a partnership made for the home haven

Draks is well known as the expert in creating beautiful, clever storage for the home. Loved equally by savvy homeowners and prestigious developers, the creations can be seen in wardrobes, dressing rooms, walk-in wardrobes, room dividers, sliding doors and cabinetry.

When the beauty of Draks’ creations meets with the talent of the Laings team, the results are gorgeous, efficient, functional spaces in every room of the house.

Laings is well known for designing bespoke interiors with inspirational kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms; along with boot rooms, home offices, laundry rooms and any other living spaces, for example.

Now, the Laings showroom in Aberdeen displays the ingenuity of the Draks/Laings collaboration. Here Mark Strachan, Creative Director of Laings explains more.

“Our business is 160 years old; so, we know what we are doing when it comes to designing beautiful interiors. We are also adept at keeping up, and initiating, ever-changing fashions.

One of the key areas that people ask about is space optimisation and storage. Homes are busy now – we all spend maybe more time in them!

We chose to partner with Draks as we know the company is well-renowned across the residential and development sectors with many prestigious names in the portfolio. We needed “internal” solutions and the quality, price and leadtimes sold Draks to us!

We are displaying the Duo as the system is simple and versatile while complementing our existing collection and displays. The System Duo modular shelving system offers an adaptable storage solution for a wide range of uses throughout the home. The system works using aluminium vertical posts that may be mounted from floor to ceiling, or against a back wall. Its versatility makes it possible to create walk-in wardrobes, bookshelves, workstations or kitchen shelving.

Since displaying the Draks Duo system, we have won a number of projects with a mixture of bespoke, hybrid and standard designs.

In particular, we are seeing more and more walk-in wardrobe spaces – with islands! Homeowners are investing a lot more in their homes in these post-pandemic times, and they are aspiring to have amazing, wow, wardrobe spaces that they see in the glossy magazines or on social media.”

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For further information on Laings, please visit www.laings.com.