Energy saving radiators installed in new North London primary school

Over 150 high efficiency and super safe Autron LST (Low Surface Temperature) radiators have been installed at the new Garfield Primary School, Enfield. The large primary with over 500 children and 70 plus teaching staff, moved into a brand new building last summer. The new site incorporates some of the latest energy conservation innovations in school buildings, including active energy use monitoring.

Given the need for safe and highly efficient heating, Enfield Council specified the installation of Autron Sovereign natural convector LST radiators throughout the new school. In addition vertical Sovereign LST radiators standing over 2m tall, were installed in the children’s toilets.

Thanks to its low water content copper and aluminium fin emitter, an Autron natural convector radiator will typically start to deliver effective room heating within two minutes, compared to up to 20 minutes for conventional panel radiators. This responsiveness means that heating only needs to come on when required. The reduced need to ‘buffer’ the heating, contributes to a more comfortable learning and teaching environment, and can deliver fuel cost savings.

The Garfield School project is one of a number of education sector installations covered in a short video guide on why Autron radiators are the ideal heating solution for schools. This can be watched at

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