EverEdge 100% Made in Britain

EverEdge can do anything; you ask they create

EverEdge are proud to manufacture 100% of their products in Britain. EverEdge steel lawn edging, planters and raised beds have been made in the Midlands for over 25 years. Having UK based manufacturing ensures EverEdge limit their impact on the environment and protect themselves from some of the issues currently affecting global supply chains.

EverEdge is the original steel edging company, EverEdge have many years of expertise ensuring that they have an edging product that is suitable for almost any job, large or small. EverEdge’s most popular product is the EverEdge Classic 75mm deep lawn edging which is used by domestic gardeners on lawns and flowerbeds. It is robust and flexible and, once installed, provides a maintenance free solution to the age old problem of looking after borders of all shapes and sizes.

EverEdge would like to emphasise that all products are designed and made in Britain!

EverEdge have been designing and manufacturing steel planters now for 9 years and they have proven to be a perfect addition to the EverEdge range of steel garden edging products. Custom planters can be designed to virtually any specification to suit almost any project. EverEdge planters can be specified with a variety of different joints including a riveted style for a more rustic, industrial finish or internal ‘invisible’ joints for a cleaner, more modern look. They can be specified in virtually any colour from the RAL colour scheme or in a hot dip galvanised or Cor-Ten finish.

EverEdge Custom can create a wealth of designs: the thickness, length, height and finish of each product can be tailored to suit site requirements. The custom team also offers laser cutting, allowing customers to incorporate letters and shapes into their products, and powder coating, a process that adds colour and protection to its edging products.

Throughout the years, EverEdge products have been used in projects all around the world. From creating large podium landscapes to edging on a new resin bonded pathway. We offer a variety of landscaping products, manufactured from mild, Cor-Ten or Galvanised steel, which have been designed to create low maintenance, well-defined gardens. Contact EverEdge now to discuss your next project or visit our website to learn more.