Farrells design for Crewe HS2 Superhub

Farrells, the architect planners behind some of the world’s largest high speed railway stations including Beijing and Guangzhou, have unveiled their design proposals for the new HS2 Superhub at Crewe which Sir David Higgins is set to announce 28th October.

The design integrates HS2, West Coast and local services on one level with easy interchange between them, bringing together classic rail and high speed services together at a new multi-modal station, giving comprehensive ‘cross platform’ access to the north west’s rail network.

The connectivity provided by the Superhub is expected to transform the growth potential of the North West and North Midlands, and is a stepping stone to delivering the Government’s vision of a fully energised and networked Northern Powerhouse economy.

Farrells, working with Cheshire East Council, have prepared a masterplan for the new HS2 superhub station and for ‘High Growth City’, the council’s vision for a constellation new city driven by the superhub at its heart.

The plans draw upon Farrells experience at high speed rail stations in China, particularly Beijing South, opened in 2008. The huge mega-station has the capacity for 30,000 passengers per hour or 241m per year. Guangzhou South designed by Farrells is an even larger station at the other end of China’s high speed rail network.

Infrastructure partner at Farrells, Neil Bennett said:

“I applaud Sir David Higgins recommendation for what we have described as a HS2 Superhub station at Crewe. Building on lessons learnt from our high speed stations in China, we have developed a design for the station which puts the passenger experience at its heart, with easy interchange between HS2 and regular rail services on one level. The Super Hub is not only a win for truly networked transport connectivity across the north west, but also for the power of integrated infrastructure to drive growth and regeneration across the northern powerhouse cities.”