Fibre-Trowel protects bunds, sumps and floors

Archco-Rigidon have over 40 years of global experience in the field of resilient materials for heavy-duty coating and lining applications. They have now introduced their new medium-duty product, Archco-Rigidon Fibre-Trowel 750, a three-coat lining system designed for the protection of concrete bunds, sumps and floors.

Designed specifically for spillages, Fibre-Trowel 750 is ideal for use where a continuous immersion grade or heavy-duty lining would be prohibitively expensive to use or too labour-intensive to install.

Fibre-Trowel 750 system can be quickly and easily applied as a three-coat system using a combination of brush, trowel and roller. It is resistant to spilled water, oil, as well as certain solvents and chemicals.