Finish your home improvement project in style with the Brio Pocket Slide 80

Brio’s Pocket Slide 80 kit is a one size fits all solution, adaptable to suit a range of door widths and heights and finished with a stylish architrave kit – the perfect, universal and easy to install choice for your next contemporary pocket door project.

When space is at a premium, conventional hinged doors can be a real inconvenience. Introduce the Brio Pocket Slide 80, the space-efficient, rigorously tested, one size fits all solution which transforms your space into a contemporary and stylish area.

Compared to a traditional hinged door, a pocket door can create around 8% more space in a room – freeing up valuable living space in rooms for ensuite bathrooms and home offices. They are a great way to add architectural charm to a room, particularly when combined with the correct type of door hardware.

The Brio Pocket Slide 80 is supplied in one standard size and designed to be easily adapted on site to suit panel sizes, removing the confusion over which kit to use. Its U-shaped aluminium track can be installed on either metal or timber stud walls and a soft close option is also available, preventing the door from slamming into the jamb. An architrave kit also offers a perfect finish and includes seals to reduce draught and travelling sounds between spaces.

With the Brio Pocket Slide 80, space-saving installations have truly never been more convenient and aesthetic.

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