FP Mccann takes off-site hotel construction to a higher level

FP McCann has long-standing experience within the hotel sector, providing architectural and structural precast concrete solutions to an extensive range of budget and luxury hotel chains including Ibis, Premier Inn, Ramada, Holiday Inn, Hilton, Crowne Plaza and Malmaison Hotels. They offer a one-stop shop where you can expect to receive an estimate, design service, the manufactured product and installation service. Their off-site method of construction is the ideal solution where speed, quality, safety, programme times and budget are all key priorities.

FP McCann’s modular crosswall construction comprises a series of concrete slabs forming internal, structural load-bearing and partition walls, external walls and floor slabs. Once the foundations are laid, the speed of construction then takes over. The pre-formed units, including all walls and floors and a flat slab concrete roof, provide an enclosed weathertight working area.  The stairways and landings are formed in precast concrete and are supported by the wall panel system by hidden connections and grouted joints. 

The main load bearing structure is complete within weeks and protected from the weather. If required, fully fitted out bathroom pods can be incorporated during this stage.

It has all the advantages of a factory engineered system, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality-assured production and provides a highly flexible layout. All precast units are manufactured off-site at their Byley and Grantham depots and are delivered to site ready for final preparation and decoration. All sections are designed for ease of construction, fitting together to conform fully to building and structural regulations. Also, since the windows are fixed, internal trades can commence work far earlier than on a traditional-build site. All this ensures peace of mind for you when you partner with FP McCann.

FP McCann also manufactures insulated precast sandwich panels which provide a ready-made external envelope with a variety of finishes. This eliminates many of the pitfalls associated with traditional building methods utilising wet trades. 

The panels are constructed off-site and comprise an outer leaf of precast concrete, an insulating layer and a structural inner leaf of plain grey concrete with a power floated internal finish. The external skin is connected to and supported by the internal skin using proprietary plastic ties. The ties have a low thermal conductivity which eliminates potential cold bridging.

Thickness of the insulation can be modified in order to accommodate the required U-value. Shape, thickness and size of the concrete can also be made to meet the requirements of the project.

Insulated sandwich panels can be used to drastically reduce erection periods and on-site safety hazards for any crosswall project. The ability to fit various facades, windows and insulation during manufacture, reduces the need for numerous follow-on trades and eliminates the need for scaffolding.

FP McCann provides a free sampling service to ensure you get the exact colour and texture required, including mortar pointing colours and finishes.

Finishes available include brick faced, natural stone faced, mould formers, acid etched and exposed aggregate.

Case study:


Motel One is a 330-bed hotel situated in the busy Piccadilly area of Manchester. The hotel is fourteen and seven storeys respectively and wraps around the Monroes Public House.

Using FP McCann’s factory engineered precast concrete system, which included acid-etched composite panels in a Portland Hue colour, the façade comprised of large floor to ceiling glazed window panels for each bedroom, which were fitted and glazed at the factory before delivery to site.

FP McCann played a key role in delivering this contemporary hotel. Their meticulous planning of the project ensured that their customer’s key performance requirements were met.

For further information visit www.fpmccann.co.uk/hotels, email sales(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)fpmccann.co.uk or telephone 01606 843500.