GGF launches new window and door guide

The GGF has launched the updated “Guide to Good Practice in the specification, installation and use of replacement windows and doors within England and Wales”.

Launched at The FIT Show on 14 April by Michael Sulston, GGF Technical Officer this latest publication is an update of the 2011 version and is in response to the recent revision of the British Standard BS 8213-4: 2016 Windows and Doors –Part 4: Code of practice for the survey and installation of windows and external doorsets.

The new Guide has been re-designed and edited by a Technical Working Party of the GGF Window and Door Technical Committee. As well as complementing the British Standard, it reflects the feedback received from GGF members, along with the expertise of specialists covering all the elements of window surveying and installation including; window design, glazing components and hardware for both windows and doorsets.

Michael Sulston commented:

“The Technical Working Party was very careful to ensure that the GGF document in no way contradicted the British Standard. To achieve this it has gone through a rigorous review allowing all sections of the home improvement sector to comment whilst the Technical Working Party continually monitored both the new guidance and Standard to ensure there was no conflicting information. The completed guidance is a true reflection of modern working practices rubber stamped by those that actually carry out such work.”

The GGF has also added important and helpful Good Practice Notes throughout the guide. Due to their protocols, the British Standards Institute (BSI) cannot include such notes within their publications.

This new revised edition also includes;

  • Updates relating to fixing techniques
  • Clearer insight on the requirements for enhanced security
  • The latest versions of the Approved Documents relating to the Building Regulations
  • The latest recommendations in the handling and removal of asbestos
  • Enhanced and clearer graphic illustrations, tables and diagrams

Steve Rice, GGF Director of Technical Affairs added:

“These updates will make the GGF Good Practice Guide, the publication of choice for all issues relating to the survey and installation of replacement windows and doorsets in England and Wales. It is a welcome newly revised edition to the GGF’s library of technical publications.”

The new revised Guide is now available for free download from the Members Area of the GGF website

Note on further changes:

The latest Guide may be subject to further revision in June/July in event of changes Following a recent Government (Department of Communities and Local Government) review of the position regarding Approved Document B guidance for replacement windows and the overall scope of the works to be covered. It is expected that the outcome of the review and the scope will be completed by 30th June 2016 and Government guidance will follow soon after.

Following the outcomes of the review, the GGF will make any necessary changes to the Guide and send a printed copy to every Member. If extra printed copies are required thereafter Members will be able to order them at a special Members’ discount from the GGF shop in July/August.