Goodbye grey – hello navy and black

Colourtrend reveals the darker hues as the most sought-after shades for paint, according to recent searches

Shades of grey have been spotted everywhere in interiors over the last few years, with the muted neutral being cemented as one of the most versatile colours on the spectrum.

However, experts at leading paint supplier Colourtrend have unveiled some of the shades that customers have also been searching for this season – navy and black.*

It seems like dark and dreamy hues are on the horizon, with the rich shades being perfect for adding some drama to any room.

Dervla Farrell, Colourtrend Online Colour Expert, said: “There have been some interesting results from our top online store searches last week. Although grey was probably the most popular colour for a very long time, just now customers seem to be searching for anything but.

“Black and navy have overtaken green as the most popular colour family that was searched on our website recently, which means that dark colours are back in fashion.

“A colour so prevalent in nature, navy blue is a soothing shade which brings feelings of stillness and serenity. Whereas black is elegant, striking and bold, making it the ideal shade for those who want to create a dramatic look within their home.

“Although neutral hues such as grey are likely to be a forever favourite, right now it seems like the time for the greys to move aside and make room for some colour in our homes this season.”