Grass Concrete Ltd explain the growing trend for soft green landscapes on what was traditionally hard landscapes

Converting traditional hard landscaped car parks into softer landscaped green space applies to both commercial car parks and domestic driveways.

Specifiers can turn those large parking areas into sustainable green vistas with sustainability built in.

With new builds or on extensions to existing car parks, developers are enjoying a bigger green envelope by the adopting grass paving carparks.

To achieve the green vistas, maximum and sustainable grass cover is best guaranteed by a system that promotes permeability. The depth and shape of the soil pockets therefore has a critical part to play if grass cover is to be sustained. Both Grasscrete and Grassblock offer substantial capacity for soils and root systems to promote maximum grass coverage.

The permeability features of grass paving addresses SUDS issues where hard landscaping can provide too much run-off, whereas the more permeable grass paving mitigates surface water run-off and its implications for the local storm water network.

When cast-on site is not an option Grassblock provides easy install precast blocks.

Wakefield based Grass Concrete Ltd and the proven Grasscrete product has become the generic name for permeable grass paving with over forty years of installations.
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