Here are the top interior design trends for Autumn 2019

It seems like two minutes ago we were adorning our homes ready for the Summer of 2019 – and as quickly as it came around, it passed too. Although we could still be due a few days of Summer weather, meteorological Autumn officially began on the first of September, meaning now is the perfect time to start getting your home ready for the seasonal change. Whether you’re trend conscious and like to flow with the time of year, or you simply fancy a change this Autumn season, here are the top interior design trends for Autumn 2019.

Natural Blues and Greens

It’s always a viable suggestion when selling your home to opt for neutral colours or colours that derive back to nature, whether that be to a private buyer or a we buy any house company. The reason behind this, is because these colours are considered to be tranquil and space optimising, and therefore tend to be appealing to the buyer, whoever they may be.

Luckily for you, whether you’re selling your home or not, natural blues and greens are in this Autumn. Dusky blue is the key blue shade to look out for when picking colour, because it’s similar to the traditional navy Autumn palette, but is softer because of the quality of dustiness it has to it. This colour blue in particular really picks out colours from the late afternoon Autumn sky, just as the day starts to end and the evening begins.

It’s psychologically proven that colour can affect our mood, psychology and thought process. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that the top two colours that are in this season relate directly back to the landscapes of the natural world. The second, is a natural green, and earthy moss tones seem to be the shade of choice this year. Because they’re rarer, the natural greens of Autumn are often the most beautiful, so it’s no wonder they’ve inspired one of the colour trends for this season. Taking a look at these trends, it’s clear to see that connecting with the natural world will continue to be a big theme this year in interior decor.

Texture is Key

When it comes to your interior textile design this Autumn, it would appear that artisan looks to be the top contender. Textiles that both contrast and compliment each other have been in throughout this calendar year, and it seems that this isn’t likely to change as we enter the colder seasons.

Again, we go back to the natural world with this trend, using rustic materials such as leather and linen in our décor – similarly to the bamboo trend that took the world by storm this Summer gone. The trick, however, is to pair this with a softer, more luxurious material such as silk or satin. All of these can be added to your home so easily through the use of cushions, throws, rugs and whatever else you want to accessorise with.

However, when it comes to your wooden cabinets and the like, it would appear that the upcycled wood effect trend that’s been rife on Pinterest is set for a change this Autumn. Greyed oak appears to be overtaking this on the trend scale, as it adds a touch of class and sophistication to any room. Although it still undoubtedly has the same rustic effect as its more natural predecessor, there is no arguing that the greying of the wood provides it with a touch of class that is hard to find in natural wooden colours. Paired with blues and greens like mentioned above, it’s the perfect aesthetic of the natural world harmonising with luxurious interior design.


As always, accessorising your home is key to any effective interior trend.

Finally, the natural trend creeps back in with the accessories this season. Using nature to decorate is always fool proof, because there’s something about its simplicity that makes it a sight to behold. Accessories like wooden photo frames, natural crystals and air purifying house plants are perfect for Autumn 2019, but try and keep in with the autumnal shades if you can – whether that be the reds and oranges of the crisp leaves or the aforementioned dusty blues and greens.

The other trend that just isn’t budging this season, is minimalism. Instead of creating a busy space, using items sparsely and effectively not only gives the illusion of a bigger room but creates a luxurious feel. Get rid of the clutter, and allow your home to breathe this Autumn.