How a sustainable car sharing solution can give developers a competitive edge

Carl Pittam, Development Director, Ubeeqo a brand of Europcar Mobility Group

Environmental concerns are high on the agenda for both businesses and their customers – last month’s COP26 highlighted only too clearly the strength of feeling around our need to reduce our impact on the environment.

Transport issues and quick access to a choice of mobility solutions are particularly high on the list of concerns. For those buying or renting a new home, the ability to be part of an onsite car club that eliminates the bother and expense of car ownership and also helps to reduce their environmental impact, could be a make-or-break factor when deciding where to live.

Those housing developments that offer car sharing solutions to residents and the local community will not only help to tackle air quality concerns in the area but could also give them a competitive edge over other residential developments.

Car clubs play a big part in reducing private car ownership – on average 18.5 cars are taken off the road for every car club vehicle. Plus, as the vehicles supplied by car clubs tend to only be on average 18 months old, they are not just fully compliant with ULEZ and CAZ requirements, they also produce much lower levels of carbon emissions than the average UK car. The benefits for the local area are significant, enhancing the quality of life for everyone.

For residents there is the added benefit of not having to incur the costs of car ownership such as insurance, maintenance bills, parking permits and depreciation. With car club vehicles based in dedicated spaces, they won’t have to worry about where they can park either.

For housing developers, car clubs deliver on their sustainability agenda by providing residents with a flexible, cost effective and environmentally friendly transport option right on their doorstep.

With consumers more aware than ever of the impact on their local environment from car ownership, giving them the choice of a more sustainable transport solution will not only appeal to their desire to be make a difference, but also give housing developers the chance stand out from the rest.

Ubeeqo is a dedicated car sharing service with a solid history of working with housing developers and builders. For more information about how you can include Ubeeqo’s car sharing services in your new developments, contact Carl Pittam, Development Director on Carl.pittam(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)  or 0161 250 3878. Visit the website at