How do you bridge the gap between buyers, sales, estate agents and subcontractors?

What if you could be in constant touch with all parties involved in the building, selling and aftercare process while maintaining a full audit trail? What if home buyers could be sitting in their own living room on their laptop or mobile devices designing and purchasing their new home? This is all now possible and fully integrated with the end-to-end construction solution 4PS Construct.

Download this Homectrl brochure and see how you can streamline your house-buying process from registering interest in a new development and empty plot, through to selecting buyer options to acceptance and digital sign-off.

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How will Homectrl make my business more efficient?

  • See how you can ensure effortless information exchange between everyone involved in the housebuilding and house-buying process;
  • Get insights on how you can improve efficiency in your housebuilding business;
  • Learn how you can streamline your housebuilding process with an end-to-end solution to gain efficiencies for your business;
  • Check how you can gain a competitive advantage for your construction business.

About 4PS

4PS develops and maintains the leading and award-winning end-to-end solution based on Microsoft and built for construction. User-friendly and fully integrated, it is available both on premise and in the cloud.

About 4PS Construct

With 600+ ERP implementations, 4PS Construct is a fully integrated digital solution empowering our clients to improve project cost control and increase margins. Get a brochure here