Increasing your home security in 2022 – where to start

There can be numerous reasons to want to increase the security of your home. You may be starting a family and want to protect your loved ones, or there could have been a recent rise of break-ins in the area. 

Whatever the reasons, there are thankfully a number of different options to choose from when trying to secure your home, from obvious options like stronger locks, to more nuanced methods such as timers on lights. We spoke to the team at Sure Locks Locksmiths to take a look at some modern (and not so modern) security solutions.

Smart security systems

One of the most recent additions to the home security market is smart home security systems. These can be as simple as a doorbell with a camera that links up to your smartphone via wifi, but they can also be far more complex. These systems can also have other environmental sensors, which can alert you to dangers such as fires or high carbon monoxide levels in the air.

Complex smart security systems can allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely, and even adjust your lights. Of course, purchasing and installing a more complex smart home security system can be relatively expensive, but the added safety and peace of mind they offer is second to none. As technology advances, these systems are also starting to become more affordable.

While these systems can be slick and discreet, one of the most effective ways that alarm systems work is through deterrence. It’s important to make sure that any alarms are clearly visible from the front and back of the house – a locksmith will generally be able to advise with this during the installation process. 

Stronger doors and locks

While alarms and smart systems are helpful, there’s no getting around the fact that you need to secure any physical weak points in your home. Typically, these will be doors and locks; a MoneySupermarket survey in 2017 found that a massive 74% of burglars entered homes through the front door, either by forcing the lock open or breaking the door.

It’s important to upgrade your doors and locks at the same time. If you put a state of the art modern lock in an old, slightly rotten door with rusty hinges, it will provide barely any additional security. A locksmith will be able to advise you further on choosing an appropriate lock and door combination, depending on the exact circumstances of your home.


While doors are a common weak point in home security, windows are the other weakest link. If you live in a house with older, single-pane windows and weak wooden frames, it’s definitely advisable to upgrade to something more secure. Modern windows are generally double glazed, and more vulnerable windows can be further secured with protective lamination and modern locking mechanisms. Ideally, when choosing a new window, it should be in line with British Standard 7950 or PAS 24.