Invest in low carbon heating now to distinguish your developments

INNOVATION – Invest in a sustainable future

We are on the cusp of a huge change in the way homes are heated. With the Future Homes Standard requiring all new homes to be zero carbon ready by 2025, developers investing in renewable heating technology in 2022 will be providing the benchmark for luxury low carbon living in the future.

Ground source heat pumps specifically will be at the forefront of renewable heating options to distinguish your developments from the competition, allowing your buyers to keep comfortably warm for the lowest carbon and lifetime ownership costs.

Harnessing free energy from the ground and powered by electricity, ground source heat pumps do not produce any point of use emissions. Consequently, they improve SAP ratings, making it easier and cheaper to be carbon compliant.

In addition, they require minimal maintenance, use non-flammable refrigerant and have an expected unit lifetime of 20 years. They can also be linked to the latest smart home technology and time-of-use tariffs to increase the appeal to the buyer.


REVOLUTION – Unlock lower cost renewable installations

Connecting new homes to low carbon heating infrastructure from the outset reduces costs further down the line. Multiple property developments can connect individual ground source heat pumps to a scalable district heating network known as Shared Ground Loop Arrays.

Investing in this underground infrastructure, which can last up to 100 years, will allow new homes to incorporate heat pump technology at a similar cost to previous methods, whilst realising economies of scale that will reduce installation costs.

The ground array owner could replicate a gas infrastructure and charge connection fees to the network. Meanwhile, the property purchaser retains ownership of the ground source heat pump to enjoy low-cost and low-carbon independent heating and hot water.

EVOLUTION – Smart living with a low carbon footprint

Kensa is the UKs leading ground source heat pump specialist with highly efficient and long-lasting units all designed and manufactured in Britain.

The Kensa Evo Series is an industry acclaimed ground source heat pump specially designed for ultra-low carbon developments. Boasting the highest of efficiencies in Kensa’s heat pump range, the Evo is a unique and environmentally selling point for developments – and purchasers enjoy the lowest running costs.

Its modern appearance makes it the perfect fit for new build homes as it is sleek, stylish and quiet enough to be installed inside the property, avoiding the use of unsightly external heating units. And its superior intelligent system and controls mean the heat pump’s performance is always monitored and optimised.