Landscape Institute calls on government and developers to support Farrell Review

Sue Illman, President of the Landscape Institute welcomed today’s publication of the Farrell Review saying:

“The Landscape Institute is committed to ‘inspiring great places’ and welcomes the Farrell Review’s promotion of a new understanding of ‘PLACE’ bringing together planning, landscape, architecture, conservation and engineering. This is a major step forward in recognising the need to fully integrate planning and design of the places that we create and maintain.

“The Review acknowledges that ‘landscape is the primary infrastructure’ and that one of the greatest failures of focusing on development control is the quality of the public realm and that there is a need to strengthen the contribution of landscape, urban design and public art in making great places. We fully support the idea that funding for landscape should be demanded from developers by local authorities.

“Following the LI’s recent publication on public health we particularly welcome the acknowledgement of the way in which public health can be ‘improved by creating human-scale pedestrian friendly spaces.’”

“Landscape architecture addresses both the built and the natural environment, therefore the commitment to a new level of connectedness between Institutes and government departments, (a theme echoed in our recent letter to the Prime Minister on the prevention of flooding) is welcomed. The flooding of the past few months illustrated the way in which different elements of the natural and built environment need to be fully coordinated and integrated in order to both tackle and prevent this type of disaster. A considered and integrated approach to how we create, plan and manage places is a highly desirable way forward.

“The proposal to create a foundation year for all of those choosing a career in the built environment is a good way to ensure that the next generation of practitioners fully understand cross-disciplinary working and is equipped to meet the need to understand sustainability as well as design.

“The proposal to create PLACE review panels which will recognise the knowledge of the professionals from each of these fields is welcomed. The proposal for design quality champions within local authorities and the establishment of the PLACE Leadership Council is recognition of the need to address all aspects of the built environment at both the national and local level.”

Ref: 69530