Mapei uses superior silicone coating system to help restore 13th century castle

Mapei’s Silancolor Paint system has been used to restore Benton’s 13th Century castle, in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. The system was installed as part of a refurbishment to help protect the external stone-built surface.

Prior to installation of the system, the weathered external masonry walls were cleaned and a silicone primer was applied to the original substrate. The Mapei system offers a one-stop shop system approach to facade repair with all materials being available from a single source.

Approximately 800m² of Silancolor Cleaner Plus, a protective, water-based cleaning product was used to clean the surface, as the previous coating and mortar were damaged due to coastal weather from the estuary below, moss in the mortar and an algae infestation on the North face from adjacent trees. Mapei’s Silancolor Plus Primer, a silicone resin based primer in water dispersion was then applied to the outer walls of the building to help regulate the absorption of the substrate and protect the wall surface from further chemical aggression. To finish, a coat of Silancolor Pittura Plus, a water-repellent and breathable, protective decorative coating, was applied to provide a long-lasting protective coating to help prevent micro-organisms (such as mildew, mould and fungi) reforming on the external facade.

In addition, Mapei’s Mapesil AC a solvent-free, acetic cross-linking, mould resistant silicone sealant, was used for the restoration of the cracks in the external facade. The project is now fully restored.

Mapei’s EWI and Coatings portfolio includes a wide range of thermal insulation products.