New CRL door hardware brochure is packed with inspiration

New CRL door hardware brochure is packed with inspiration with all-glass entrances, partitions and doors a trending design in architecture, the new Door Hardware and Office Partition Systems brochure from CRL is bursting with hundreds of products that make creating the look a simple process.

From CRL Langle office partition systems and glazing channels, door controls and patch hardware, sliding and bi-folding doors, to spider fittings, structural standoffs and glass awning systems, the brochure includes all the must-haves for creating a stylish, public or private environment.

A highlight of the range is the CRL Langle Office Partition Systems, available for single and double-glazed units that offer a creative and effective solution for modern interior designs. The dry-glazed system is easy to install and provides a maximum transparency thanks to it’s thin profiles for ceilings, floors, walls and door frames. The system effectively closes the gaping joint between the glass door, side panel and top light and is acoustically viable too,with sound insulation tested to the ISO 10140 European standard.

With no wet sealing necessary and with fully height adjustable door hinges that require no drilling or milling, the office system is not only slimline but also easily assembled and installed producing maximum transparency.

The CRL door hardware range also includes patch hardware, such as the CRL380 Series Hydraulic Patch Fittings. With two adjustment screws to adjust the latching speed and the swing speed, the fitting is designed to remove the need to dig in the floor and to use any other floor or overhead closing devices, making it an easy, cost-effective, and versatile option for interior projects.

For compact situations, a sliding glass door offers the ideal solution and with CRL Compact-X, such a system is quick and easy to install, integrating seamlessly into any design.

Combining latest technology with an attractive minimalist design, the Compact-X conceals all of its sliding components within the top track, giving a pleasing aesthetic appearance.Suitable for glass panels of 8mm, 8.76mm, 10mm, and 10.76mm in thickness, the system is available for ceiling, glass, and wall mounted applications and it features a double softbrake system that provides an advanced sliding action.

With aesthetics being a key part of any interior design and particularly so with glass door systems, CRL offers hardware in many finishes including Matte Black, from profiles to door jambs and gaskets.

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