New eco-wellness destination to join Saharan Desert and the Atlantic Ocean

Scott Brownrigg have revealed plans for a new eco-wellness and sports tourism destination at Turtle Bay, the Southern Provinces of Morocco. Designed for client ESE Capital Ltd, the 2.9 km² scheme provides new visitor and community facilities alongside agri-business with a robust sustainable agenda.

Beautifully joining the Saharan Desert and the Atlantic Ocean, and building upon the regions’ reputation as a hot spot for culture, tourism and water sports.

The concept design celebrates the desert location, and utilises natural features in the landscape.

Avoiding the creation of unsustainable oasis type environments, the design promotes contemporary architectural solutions alongside traditional passive Moroccan techniques in response to the tropical desert climate. Seawater Greenhouses, an innovation that uses just sunlight and water vapour extracted from the air, creates ideal conditions for growing produce in the hot, arid conditions. Visitor accommodation is scattered along an existing sandbar – its form untouched to allow for the continuous and natural change in shape.