New water feature provides inspiration for interior and landscape projects

Introducing a fresh wave of inspiration to the world of interior and landscape design is a new style of water feature, the AquaVeil®.

Launched by Tills Innovations Ltd, one of the UK’s leading water feature specialists, the AquaVeil® has a mesmerising waterfall-like design – the water flows over an architectural wall of metal mesh, appearing to cascade seamlessly through the air, creating an embossed water effect.

With a soothing sound and minimal water wastage, the AquaVeil® offers an innovative way to create an atmosphere of relaxation, and boost wellbeing – whether it’s a peaceful addition to a small and intimate garden, or an injection of luxurious bliss to a large space or venue.

Every AquaVeil® can be tailor-made to any size and is suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor settings; it can be a free-standing structure positioned against a wall, integrated into the wall, draped floor to ceiling, or even shaped to the curvature of a building or space.

Tills Innovations Ltd has been working with architects for 20 years to provide a range of innovative water feature solutions for their commercial and private projects. As such, benefits of the AquaVeil® include:

  • Adaptability to the requirements of any interior or landscape design project
  • A unique design with a striking embossed water effect
  • Easy installation in tight access locations due to its flexible material and modular design
  • A design made to last, incorporating engineered solutions which enable straightforward and effective aftercare of the water wall
  • Soothing sound and minimal water wastage
  • A clever lighting system installed within the top and /or bottom of the frame that ensures the water wall is striking day and night

The AquaVeil® is categorised into three styles, each of which can be tailored to different spaces: The Enigma, The Paradox, and The Quantum.

For more information, and to make an enquiry about the AquaVeil®, visit: or call 01284 834 834.