Replace pumps for energy efficiency gains

Wilo now offers the new generation of the Wilo-Yonos PICO series small circulators to the UK market. A range of new features has been added to this popular circulator primarily for residential homes and properties, for heating systems and air conditioning equipment.

The compactness of Wilo-Yonos PICO has been dramatically improved to make it easy to install. Front access to motor screws and the Wilo connector position, contribute to the adaptability of the pump in any installation.  Importantly, new ease of use functions make maintenance far easier for the installer. Manual restart is a response to a specific request from the market, as is the new constant speed mode.

For more information on the Yonos PICO and the other small pumps in the energy efficient Wilo family of circulators, visit or call 01283 523000.