Rodeca panels pass a double whammy

Cladding panels from Rodeca have passed the BRE’s non-fragility tests. Translucent polycarbonate cladding panels from Rodeca have achieved Class B in non-fragility tests (number 288-038) conducted by the BRE.

The tests were carried out to ACR(M)001:2011(1) for assessing the non-fragility of profiled panelled and large element roofing assemblies when subjected to impacts by a heavy soft body, using Rodeca’s PC 2540-4 tongue and groove panels which are 500mm wide and 40mm thick.

Three configurations were tested – four- and two-spans at 1.25m centres (5m lengths for the four-span and 2.5m lengths for the two-span) and a single span at 1.25m – with the test roof four panels wide.

For the four-span tests, the panels had full edge restraint at one end and the panels left free at the other end. Each panel was clipped into the longitudinal rails on beach side. The panels were tongue and groove interlocked with adjacent panels above the longitudinal rails which were screwed onto the purlins. On the two- and single-span tests, the panels had full edge restraint at both ends.

Class B means the impactor (a 45kg cylindrical canvas bag filled with compacted sand, designed to simulate a human being) was retained by the panel even after a second impact to the same point as the first impact.

Paul Jackson, head of Rodeca’s technical team, said:

“The test was specific for roofing applications but could also be used as reassurance on projects where as a façade, roof access is possible to the face of the panels, such as northern lights or any high-level access areas.”