Safety, speed and accuracy locked in with Taper-Loc®

Minimal and versatile, glass is the material of the moment for balustrades and balconies, particularly for buildings where an uninterrupted view is desired.

While the end result unarguably has visual appeal, installation of the glass panelling can be challenging. By their nature, balustrades and balconies will be installed above ground level, often where access for scaffolding is tricky or at the very least time consuming. Wet fit balcony systems need to be held securely in place, most often with cement, to ensure a tight fit, which can be messy, particularly on retro-fit projects.

Providing a fast and safe way to install glass balustrades, CRL’s TAPER-LOC® system offers flexibility and control for accurate fitting and making replacing scratched or broken panels a simple task.

Available for toughened laminated and monolithic glass between 12 and 25,52 mm and in a wide choice of finishes including satin adonised and brushed nickel, TAPER-LOC® is a dry-glazed railing system that offers a hassle-free alternative to the mess and awkwardness of working with cement. With no scaffold required, the system enables installation to be completed from the safe side of the balustrade from start to finish, which is particularly useful in retrofit projects or when a broken glass panel needs to be changed as it eliminated the need for expensive scaffolding, cuts installation times and provides safety and security for installer and end user.

Tested to meet the strictest building code requirements such as BS6180:2011 and AbP, the system uses a horizontal design, which allows it to be adjusted, dismantled and re-set. The aluminium base shoe, available in 3m lengths, can be surface or fascia-mounted, and provided drilled or undrilled.

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