Soil range completes the foundry finish picture

To complement its successful Foundry Finish rainwater system, Hunter has launched a complete range of Foundry Finish soil products. This Foundry Finish soil system will allow installers to match soil pipes to the rainwater for a genuine retro look, with none of the hassle and expense of metal systems. It is designed to be as simple to install as pushfit PVC with the good looks and styling of traditional cast iron.

The Foundry Finish soil range has a genuine cast iron appearance that will not scratch, delaminate, corrode or discolour, yet it requires none of the prep, painting or treating which makes cast iron so costly and time-consuming to install and maintain. It will keep its finish no matter what, and is a breeze to install because it is lightweight and fits together with the ring seal joint system, which installers love. It doesn’t need specialist handling equipment and the coach bolt fixings can be fitted with either ratchet or power tools.

It’s not just the finish that makes the Foundry Finish soil system look so authentic. Socket collars based on original fitting designs make Foundry Finish the perfect complement for Victorian, Georgian and listed properties. The system is perfect for retrofit projects thanks to its specially designed spigot adaptor which is a doddle to simply push into existing cast iron, clay or PVC pipework that has been cut off at ground level. No digging to find a collar and no mechanical fixing above ground required, so the whole job is quicker, easier and doesn’t disturb the existing landscaping.

Hunter has invested heavily in developing a truly convincing cast iron finish, then testing it rigorously to ensure that it resists the demands of even the most challenging of conditions. The tried and tested paint system does not affect the high performance of the PVC structure or compromise the fixing system, meaning watertight joints and a ‘fit and forget’ performance over its long life. So confident is Hunter about the system that it offers a full ten year warranty on all of its Foundry Finish systems.

Hunter Plastics is well known for its wide range of plastic rainwater, plumbing and drainage systems which have all been designed with quick, reliable and hassle-free fitting in mind. Full product details can be found on the easy-to-use and comprehensive web site at