South Quay Masterplan will help shape the future

Tower Hamlets Council has formally adopted the South Quay Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document (SPD); one of a number of plans to help shape the area over the next decade.

The decision, approved at a Cabinet meeting (October 6), provides residents, businesses, stakeholders and developers with guidance on a range of issues including design, density and managing local public spaces that will positively influence planning applications coming forward in this area.

The South Quay Masterplan SPD is just one of a number of documents which enables the borough to manage regeneration in a positive and sustainable way.

In Tower Hamlets these additional strategic planning documents include the council’s Local Plan (covering the whole borough), the London Plan (produced by the Mayor of London) and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

With currently almost 30 development sites of all sizes and in different ownerships in the South Quay area, Members of the council’s planning committee will now need to refer to the SPD alongside the Local Plan, London Plan and NPPF when determining the merits of future developments.

The complexity of the area, matched with the need to safeguard the quality of life for people who live and work in the South Quay and Isle of Dogs area, means the council has made the responsible development of South Quay a key priority.

Mayor John Biggs said:

“We quite rightly put a hold on the Masterplan to see if it needed further consideration. There are strong concerns in the borough over the impact of hyper density schemes on communities and infrastructure.

“The Masterplan will not address the range of concerns about development in the area, nor will it change the main planning policies of the council and at City Hall – it will however help to set the tone on the detail and that’s why the Masterplan is important.”

Cllr Rachel Blake, cabinet member for Strategic Development added:

“The role of this SPD is to shape development permitted through the local plan which has to be consistent with the London Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework. It’s really important that everyone acknowledges the role of an SPD.

“We took a pause to think about whether or not we are connecting infrastructure development and design within the South Quay Masterplan area enough to the scale of development.

“We need to be honest about where the influence lies in the scale of development on the Isle of Dogs and we must represent and stand up for the residents of the Isle of Dogs bringing forward decent infrastructure and decent homes for the people that need it. The South Quay Masterplan can only help shape development.”