Spanish natural slate from Cembrit is the pinnacle

An exquisitely designed home in South West London is crowned with a picturesque, multi-faceted roof turret that dominates the area’s skyline, thanks to the installation of Cembrit Contessa natural slates.

Situated on Roehampton Lane, the residential property is surrounded by Richmond Park Golf Courses and the largest of London’s Royal Parks, Richmond Park. The double storey house had an old and leaky roof, which was refurbished a few years ago, leaving only the turret to be restored. As the turret is curved and steep, it required a slate that is easy to cut and lay and provides a finish that matches the unique roof top feature – all of which were fulfilled by the choice of Contessa slate. The aesthetics of the property and the complexity of the project have led to the house being entered in the UK Roofing Awards.

Wimbledon-based roofing contractor, G.S. Roofing installed 1,500 Cembrit Contessa slates on the turret of the property. Specified for its attractive, natural finish, Contessa slates have a textured surface, which complements the rustic appearance of the house. G.S. Roofing added an extra dimension to the design of the turret, by cutting some of the slates into a diamond shape, and fitting these alongside the normal shaped slates.

Mark Bennett, Manager, G.S. Roofing said:

“The curved turret design certainly posed a challenge and the owner wanted the turret slated in the original style which meant heandcutting approximately 40% of the slate to the original ornamental shapes.”

“However, the versatile structure of Cembrit Contessa slates, and the ability to cut the natural material easily, combined with first class service from Cembrit’s London team helped us complete the installation without any issues and achieve the end result that we so desired. The Contessa slates not only look impressive, but also add a distinctive architectural feature to the property.”

Contessa, one of the UK’s leading specified Spanish slates, is produced by some of the most efficient quarries in Spain. This natural slate is available in blue/black and grey and comes in a variety of sizes. With its textured surface, an attractive and long lasting roof can be achieved. They are strong enough to withstand weather conditions and are unaffected by sunlight, ultraviolet light and acid rain. Contessa slates will last the lifetime of the building.