The new Coca-Cola HBC Italy headquarter

The new Milanese headquarters of Coca-Cola HBC Italia, the biggest bottling plant for ‘The Coca-Cola Company ‘ products in Italy, is a project that first began in 2013 and has experimented with every possible phase in the process of changing office spaces.

The project for the new Coca-Cola HBC headquarters focuses on certain key aspects in the layout of these new spaces: technology (and the implementation of a decisive smart working policy), flexibility and communication (spreading the brand right across the space).

A full-scale, efficient and effective consultancy and design process for the new office space.
From the initial brief and organisational study to budget setting, the search for the ideal building in partnership with real-estate brokers, technical assessments,  fit tests and the awarding of the tender for carrying out all the subsequent stages in the project: spatial planning, concept design, executive design and building works.
Due to its methodological completeness, the Coca-Cola HBC project may be described as a “textbook” case of the kind of services provided by DEGW.

The design concept developed this underlining idea based on the client’s own operating identity, ensuring Coca-Cola HBC’s two basic operations (production/bottling and distribution) converge into a framework summing up its most iconic features (bottle top, crate). This creates a graphic leitmotiv that can be adapted to different but coherent means of using space: appropriately scaled, it turns into an interactive support space; ensconced in a niche, it is an exhibition space hosting and enhancing the project; as a simple, surface, it turns into a graphic backdrop serving communication purposes.

Client: Coca-Cola HBC Italia
Location: Sesto San Giovanni (Milano, Italy)
Area: 4.600 m²
Typology: Offices

DEGW: Brief, Workplace Change Management, Space Planning, Interior Design, Works Management
L22: M&E, In charge of works and safety
FUD: Physical Branding