Three perfect additions to your self built home

There are many advantages that come from designing and building your own home. It gives you an enormous sense of achievement and satisfaction, and it can save you money too. Even more importantly, it allows you to have a home that looks exactly the way you want it to, rather than one which looks like a generic new build property. To give your home the perfect finishing touch, it’s important to consider the landscape and external additions too, so here are three perfect additions which can transform a good self-built home into a great one.

Hardwood Decking
A deck is one of the most versatile additions to any exterior landscape. It can be used as a place to sit and relax as you look out over your garden, a focal point for your children or grandchildren to play on, or the perfect spot for a summer barbecue. Decking can be not only practical but aesthetically pleasing too, but it’s important to choose your decking material carefully. Hardwood decking will be more durable than cheaper softwood options, and will be less likely to fade to a silver colour over time. Even so, it’s essential that decking boards are treated with an oil or stain annually to combat the potentially damaging effects of UV light.

Modern Pergola
The pergola has a long and illustrious history, but modern metal pergolas bring extra convenience and staying power, while at the same time beautifying any garden environment. This type of aluminium pergolas are ideal for self-built homes, and for our unpredictable climate, because they’re resistant to the effects of weathering, meaning you can forget about future treatments. They also come with a louvred roof which can be opened and closed, making them a perfect place to entertain family or guests, whether it rains or shines. Nationwide Home Innovations, renowned specialists in this field, also supply pergolas that come complete with a waterproof roof, and all their pergolas are powder coated in striking colours of your choice. Their aluminium pergolas are also a perfect choice for self-built homes with a terrace roof, and they come with the reassurance of a five-year guarantee.

Garden Water Feature
A well-kept garden is always a good addition to a property, but you can elevate it to another level by adding a garden water feature. One of the greatest things about water features is that there’s one to suit every garden, and every budget. A waterfall feature can be particularly relaxing, and the sound of gently running water has been shown to reduce stress. Alternatively, a garden pond or lake will become your garden’s crowning glory; they also help to encourage wildlife to enter your garden, from newts to frogs and birds, so they’re a particularly good choice for nature lovers.

By adding a fountain, pond, waterfall, pergola, or deck, you’re helping your property stand out from the crowd, as well as adding functionality and aesthetic appeal. Other additions you may want to consider include conservatories, arbours, summer houses and orangeries. All can be beautiful in their own right, and you may even find that adding these elements to your self-built home can improve the value of your property.