Top tips for sprucing up your home’s exterior this summer

With summer fast approaching, homeowners wishing to upgrade their property’s exterior features and garden this year can look to these home improvement tips, compiled by the experts at East Midlands based Stormclad.

John Evans, managing director at Stormclad home improvements, suggests that while some projects do require a few months work, there are things that homeowners can do now before summer to give their home a little face lift:

“Investing in a new front door alone can increase a property’s kerb appeal dramatically, and also increase its overall value by 10%.

“Door and window installations generally only take a few weeks to complete from start to finish, and verandas can be completed in a similar time too, so it’s well worth a homeowner’s time to have a think about what home improvements they can do now and affordably if they want to enjoy them this summer.

“We thought it would be helpful for homeowners thinking about upgrading ahead of summer to put together a short list of key things to think about when browsing for products such as a new door or set of windows – homeowners want peace of mind that yes, their home looks aesthetically pleasing but it’s also secure, energy efficient and highly functional too.”

A new front door?

While it may be very tempting to go bright and bold for summer with a new front door, it’s worth noting that the most popular colour door at the moment, according to Homes and Gardens, is in fact black! Though you may be happy to know that blue and green are close runners up. Have a think about the overall exterior of your home and what colour may complement it to really give it that lift – perhaps if your home is a soft, lighter shade, a bold front door, whether that is black or hunter green, may be just what it needs.

Front doors are available in numerous materials and styles so it can be quite overwhelming to know where to begin, but with support and guidance from a trusty home improvement company, homeowners should feel rest assured that they will be able to find the perfect option for their home. Plus, there is often the option to have a door designed bespoke to a homeowner’s preference.

Aluminium, composite, wooden and uPVC doors are all reliable, strong and affordable options for a front door, but for the most energy efficient throughout the warm summer months, which will then keep you warm and cosy in winter, we recommend either aluminium or composite.

Not only are both available in a range of styles and colours, but aluminium doors are extremely strong, yet weigh 67% less than steel and should last at least 30 years. Composite doors are made up of several parts that when combined, create a stronger, robust material, with an appealing timber-effect.

A new set of windows?

Any home will certainly look smarter and more appealing if the doors and windows have been purchased with the other in mind, especially if homeowners are looking to sell. They do not necessarily need to match but it is guaranteed that the value of a property will be higher if windows and doors complement each other.

Windows, like doors, are also available in a wide range of materials such an aluminium, timber and uPVC, each with a range of different benefits.

In terms of style however, homeowners may wish to think about which type of window will not only aesthetically suit the look of their home, but which will also be the most practical in the summer months.

If your property is quite characterful and traditional, and you favour a particularly cool home with fresh air breezing through, a sliding sash window may be the perfect fit.

Sliding sash windows suit more traditional homes beautifully as they consist of no inward or outward titling frames, they are more commonly available in timber or uPVC materials, and open right up to let the outside air in.

However, if your home has a more modern feel, tilt and turn windows may be a stylish option as not only are they available in aluminium – a more contemporary style – and uPVC, they feature ultra-slim sightlines and successfully deliver the ‘more glass, less frame’ look.

A new garden veranda?

Verandas are a fantastic addition to any British home, because while we would like to be optimistic and hope that the summer will be a beautifully hot one, there is no guarantee that in England it will not rain! Verandas give you the peace of mind that whatever the weather, that family BBQ can still go ahead, or some of the jobs on the list for the garden can still be ticked off because you have that little bit of shelter.

Just like windows and doors, verandas can be successfully installed within a matter of weeks and are available in aluminium, uPVC, timber and in a range of colours in styles – whether that be something relatively simple or more elegant, such as Edwardian-detailed posts.

Many verandas come with the option for self-cleaning glass roofing so you don’t need to worry about constantly maintaining a squeaky-clean roof, and many also come with the option for an integrated LED lighting upgrade – your alfresco dining and garden parties could suddenly become quite the catered-for event.