Triton launches pre-applied waterproofing system for concrete structures


The new Triton Shield System is a reliable form of pre-applied, Type A barrier waterproofing, which provides a flexible approach to specifying a system requiring two different types of waterproofing protection – as defined in BS 8102 (2009). Use the new Triton Shield System in conjunction with concrete made waterproof by the addition of Triton TT Admix (Type B integral waterproofing) or, alternatively, in conjunction with a sealed cavity drain membrane system (Type C drained waterproofing).

Triton’s new Shield System comprises a pre-applied, fully bonded, waterproofing (type A) barrier membrane for use on the outside of a poured concrete structure – such as a basement slab and retaining walls – and a Stretch Tape that makes easy work of sealing around curved or irregular profiles due to its unique stretchability and flexibility.

A key benefit when specifying the new Triton Shield System is the Triton team’s technical knowledge of all three types of waterproofing system and their extensive practical experience of choosing the right combination of systems for the expected usage of any basement or below ground structure.

The mesh-faced, HDPE Triton Shield Membrane offers a tenacious grip to the concrete poured on top of it. The 2m x 20m membrane rolls are light enough to be carried by two people but are still larger than many competitive product rolls. This means fewer side lap or end to end joints will be required with a resulting reduction in the risk of defects occurring.

New Triton Shield System offers a cost effective, fast to install, very lightweight and durable solution for concrete waterproofing – contact the Triton team for further advice and project-specific details drawings, or download the data sheet here.