UK Connect super-charges Extreme-E racing event

Today, UK Connect, the nation’s leading construction connectivity provider, has been named as an event partner for the latest Extreme-E racing event.

The company, which has gained a reputation for supercharging building sites, and setting up connections in difficult terrain, is now adding to its skillset, supporting the upcoming E-race.

The event is located on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England, and saw the UK Connect team working alongside local internet providers to provide broadband for all internal communications at the event. This included the ability to stream vehicle data to its media camp, offering in-depth analysis of vehicle performance.

UK Connect’s technical experts faced a number of challenges in the remote location with no obvious, existing connection lines available. However, using a combination of skill and ingenuity, they were able to overcome this obstacle by engineering a specially designed tower which captured a connection and beamed broadband signals to the relevant teams on the ground.

PJ Farr, managing director at UK Connect, says:

“Our wealth of experience setting up broadband connections in all manner of locations has been instrumental in securing the sponsorship for this event.

“The latest racing site is an extremely challenging one. Not just for the vehicles but for connectivity too. It’s situated in a valley along the Jurassic Coast and had no obvious lines of sight to anything that can be used for supplying broadband.

“Luckily, these kinds of problems are ‘bread and butter’ for our team and we were able to develop a scalable solution which quickly delivered secure, reliable and fast connectivity. We’re now looking forward to seeing the vehicles in action, and providing end-to-end broadband solutions for the event’s media team.”

Extreme-E is backed by Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, and has become known for its sustainability awareness campaigns. As well as showcasing the performance of electric vehicles in thrilling sports action, it also encourages electric adoption in motor racing in order to reduce CO2 emissions for a greener sport. Further, it promotes gender equality, with all vehicle teams having both male and female drivers as standard.

Farr added:

“This is an exciting first step into a different type of environment, but as market leaders we pride ourselves on getting businesses set-up as quickly and as easily as possible, no matter the location, so that operations can stay connected. We look forward to a continuing relation with Extreme E in the future.”

UK Connect offer a range of connectivity services, including construction site 4G and 5G broadband, Wi-Fi and telephone services, combined with rapid installation and 24/7 customer support.

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